Web Design


Link to Photoshop Shell Project

Hawaii Photoshop Video

This class will be like taking a college level introductory web design course. Seniors will even be able to gain Moorpark Community College Credit by making an "A" in the class. Throughout the semester, you will be learning the languages and software applications in the navigation bar to the left.

Click on each of these links to for learning in that section.

HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver CS5, PhotoShop CS5, and Flash CS5 will be our focus this semester. In addition, you will gain knowledge in good design aspects, Web 2.0, and online life.

Projects play a major role in how your grade is decided in the course. Please take notes and participate in classroom exercises in order to be successful in your final projects. It is my hope that you will leave the class with an online "footprint" consisting of a digital portfolio.

Good Luck!!!

Grade Breakdown

  1. Tests - 20%
  2. Web Sites - 30%
  3. Flash Project - 15%
  4. Photoshop Project - 15%
  5. Classwork - 20%