Computer Labs have been equipped with new equipment. Students will be held responsible for any damage to computers.

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Management plans do not need to be printed and signed. Please sign the sheet sent home as a confirmation that you have read all course expectations online. Also complete the form above to earn your student his or her first 'A'!

AP Management Plan

Web Design Management Plan

Programming Management Plan

Exploring Computer Science Management Plan


Students will be responsible for any damage done to their assigned computers. They should notify the instructor immediately if they observe an issue. Students will also be doing a majority of their classwork online, utilizing tools such as discussion boards, blogs, and other Web 2.0 tools. This is an important part of the class and their future.

Please explore this site. It will frequently change, as it is a tool for our Web Design classes. It should also give you a good example of what is going on in your student's classes. Calendars for each class should be updated frequently.

Computer Lab Use Policy

* Students will be expected to follow the Simi Valley Unified School District Academic Honesty Policy and the Computer Use Policy, as well as, local school and classroom rules regarding the use of computer in the lab. (No cellphones or IPODS.)

* Students are responsible for protecting their password. The sharing of passwords or coursework will result in revocation of computer privileges. Students must log off when leaving the computer for any reason.

* Students copying, opening, or reading other student's work will be in violation of the District's Academic Honesty Policy.

* Students modifying, deleting, and/or adding files or directories to any part of any computer will lose privileges in the computer lab.

*Graffiti, theft, and/or vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated and the student will be held monetarily responsible.

* Students are responsible for the computer, equipment, and books assigned to their computer station. Students are responsible for checking that all equipment and books are present and computers are operating properly at the beginning and end of class.

* Playing of computer games in not permitted.

* Food and/or drink are not permitted in the computer lab.

* Students may access the Internet ONLY WHEN INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY THE INSTRUCTOR.

* Any hardware or software problems are to be reported IMMEDIATELY to the instructor.

* Students are to leave their workstation in a neat and orderly manner.

* Papers are to be picked up (recycled)

* Books are placed in proper location

* All programs and files are closed

* Students should be logged off

* Chairs and folders should be replaced

Please sign the sheet which I have provided to prove that you have read the above lab rules and management plans and/or fill out parental form. This form will help me to stay in touch with you throughout the semester/year.